To Our Babies,

You are the reason we are starting this venture. Every morning when we need to leave you and go to work, a little piece of us crumbles inside. When we hear you cry for us as we walk away, trust us, we cry too. We may show our strength when we say we will be right back, we will come home, but inside, we are weak and all we want to do is hug you and stay at home with you. You may not understand this right now, you guys are so little. But this is why we are starting this. We aren’t going to lie, this is scary. We are putting ourselves out there for the world to see, for the world to judge. But in the end, we know it will be worth it. We will have the opportunity to make you smile, all the time. No waking up early and going out in the freezing cold because mommy needs to be at work on time. We can stay home with you, kiss you, hug you, when you need it most. Maddie, Juliana, Joshue, Twinkle Twinkle Little Trends is for you. We love you, always and forever.



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