Dirt Under Our Nails

“I am a Little Flower, Mom put me out,

If you take care of me, I will sprout,

When you water me, I will grow,

Into a pretty Flower, don’t you know?”

Today we celebrate National Plant a Flower Day! Today we celebrate with dirt under our nails! We welcome spring with mud, sun, and lots of sweat (gardening is a workout)! Today we put aside our hopes to keep our babies in a plastic bubble: free of germs, dirt, scrapes, and bruises. Sometimes we forget that a little bit of dirt under the nails is healthy, making mud pies is fun, and smelling the flowers is calming.

It’s refreshing to step outside with our kids and do the things we did when we were their age. It may be tempting to sit inside in the air-conditioned room, put on a movie, and relax (trust me, we’ve been tempted more than once), but nothing beats allowing for our inner child to come out and play. We live in an age of technology. Before phones and TV’s, all we had were mud pies and flower bracelets. Today, we got back to our roots. We reminisced with our babies, and created new memories with them.

We hope that you guys celebrate with your kids today. Be a part of nature, and feel the squishy mud in your hands. Let’s be silly. Let’s get muddy. Let’s be adventurous.  Kids teach us something new every day: planting flowers is fun, and we’ll survive with a little bit of dirt under our nails!





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