St. Patrick’s Day with Little Ones

“There comes a day,

When you’re gonna look around

And realize happiness is where you are” –MOANA

Today we ate some cookies, drank some milk, and watched Disney’s Moana. And while we scroll through our Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat feeds, we see friends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in many different ways. Most have made their way to local drinkeries, or even traveled to Las Vegas for the holiday with friends and family. We’ve found happiness celebrating right here at home, with our little ones. It’s weird because we were ones to love to go out and have a good time, never did we think we would love to stay in and hang out with toddlers. But here we are. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s incredible the way your life can change. And though we can say we do miss those crazy nights and early morning drunken shenanigans, we still prefer staying up late trying to convince our toddlers that it’s sleepy time, and waking up at 7am to the hunger cries. We didn’t know it was possible to feel hungover even when you didn’t have an ounce of alcohol! Ever heard of that saying “Being a parent means going to sleep tired, and waking up even more tired”? It’s entirely true. But our hearts are full, and we are beyond thankful for what we have.

St. Patrick’s Day meant something entirely different 4 years ago. Today, we wore green, we ate green, and hung out with our kids. We learned a little bit about the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. But most importantly, we made another memory. Cousin time is the best time. And spending time with your little ones is happiness.

Nothing Beats Hanging Out With These Kiddos!
Baby Talk Over Cookies and Milk
Movie Time!

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