Books for Tots

One of our favorite memories growing up, was going to the library with our moms and checking out books, reading them, and feeling proud that we completed such a learned task. Our city library would host reading activities for young children during summer days. For every book that a child read, the child would receive a gold star. Once the appropriate amount of gold stars was earned, a goodie bag filled with treats would be given to the child. It was amazing! It taught us to that reading was fun. It was a game. And if we continued to read, we would be rewarded. As adults, we now know that we were not only rewarded with material prizes, but with understanding of others, understanding of different cultures and lifestyles, and compassion for animals. Books are enlightening. When the reader steps into the role of another, they become that other. Through this, empathy is found. And the human heart blossoms.

As mothers, we hope to teach our children to be good. We hope our children are loving human beings. We wish for them to be happy, to be learned, to be appreciative of the world around them. To teach them, we must read to them at a young age. We must instill in them the yearning to learn.

Listed below are some of our favorite books for tots (our tot’s favorites):

Tiger Tales- Nursery Rhyme Collection

books shotOld MacDonald Had a Farm and other favorite children’s songs

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and other rhymes

Hey Diddle Diddle and other favorite nursery rhymes

This Little Piggy and other favorite action rhymes

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and other favorite bedtime rhymes


Lil’ Libros Collection by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

books shot 2

Loteria First Words

Counting with Frida

Lucha Libre Anatomy

Counting Down La Llorona



Leslie Patricelli’s Collection of Books

nani reading 1

Yummy Yucky

Quite Loud

Huggy Kissy


Baby Happy Baby Sad



We hope to instill our love for reading and learning in our children. As young parents, we have learned that media today, largely propelled by the internet, praises mothers and children based on their clothing and accessories. We too, feel that fashion is a huge component in how we judge ourselves as mothers. We would never leave home with our babies looking worse than we did. We do not believe this thinking is wrong, but we do hope to change our mindsets a little.

TTLTrends will feature our own clothing line based on classic literature works. The modernized designs will encourage children to read the stories behind their clothing. The line will provide the opportunity for us as parents to make memories with our toddlers, have our toddlers cutely dressed, all while planting the seed for imagination, language, and tradition.





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