Learning through Playing

Our children love play time. And just as important as we believe reading is to our children, we also love for our children to further explore their imagination and learning capabilities through play. We love looking for toys that are fun, but also encourage learning. Though we have many favorite brands, such as Lakeshore and Vtech, today we are going to write about Melissa & Doug. These are Maddie’s personal favorite toys!

maddie toys 1

Melissa and Doug are a great example of what we wish to exemplify through TTLTrends. Melissa and Doug (as people not toys lol) have been together for 30 years, have raised 6 children, and built an amazing brand for children’s toys. Similar to the idea behind TTLTrends, Melissa and Doug are empowering children to take back their childhood. Their mission statement is everything:

“Provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.”

Our children love animals. They love moos! They love hoshies! They love giwaffes! So of course their current favorites are the wooden animal puzzles. Maddie’s favorites (pictured above) are the sound puzzles. These puzzles will make the animal noise when the puzzle piece is correctly placed on the puzzle board. She loves hearing the animal noises! We love the interaction. Each time she places the puzzle piece correctly, she is reinforced with the animal noise, and she knows she did a good job!

toys 2

When shopping at Melissa and Doug, we can shop by age group, play experiences, price, skills, special needs, and theme. Melissa and Doug has everything your child can ever want, and everything we as parents need in toys for our children. They build and encourage imagination and learning through a variety of toys.

toys 3

Melissa and Doug has something for all children. And they definitely have found lifelong fans in us. They inspire us to continue on our quest to take back childhood, foster imagination, and promote healthy development in children.




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