Making My Daughter Proud

adriana bio 3
Hello! My name is Adriana, and I am a mom behind TTLTrends. I’d like to thank you guys for reading our blog and following our story. We are just beginning, so thank you for being patient. We appreciate the support.

I was a working mother up until a few weeks ago. My husband and I made the decision for me to quit work to spend more time with my daughter, Maddie, and really hit the gas on TTLTrends. Coming home exhausted from work, mentally drained, and wanting to spend all my minutes at home with Maddie, I found I didn’t have enough time or energy to work on TTLTrends. I really do respect all mothers that can hold a fulltime job, launch and maintain a shop, and accomplish all mother and wife duties before bedtime.

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I always knew I wanted to start my own business, something to call my own. For a while I was thinking of opening up my own wine bar (a mother’s favorite after hours beverage). Then I had Maddie. And it all came together. I’ve always had a passion for fashion. What better than to open up a shop selling children’s clothing? Whenever I go shopping, even if my intentions are to purchase new shoes for me because the black flats I own are starting to fall apart, I end up walking out of the store having completed a shopping spree for Maddie. Though 99% of my shopping is for her, I realize that finding those unique pieces is becoming more difficult. Opening my own small shop with unique items, while supporting other small shops, seems like the perfect solution.

I understand that this won’t be easy. I’ve been a mother for almost 2 years now, and I still haven’t got motherhood down. But hey, we learn as we go. And I whole heartedly take this challenge as a business woman, but more importantly, as a mother. Now more than ever, I need to do this for my family, and I only hope to make my daughter proud.
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