St. Patrick’s Day with Little Ones

"There comes a day, When you're gonna look around And realize happiness is where you are" -MOANA Today we ate some cookies, drank some milk, and watched Disney's Moana. And while we scroll through our Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat feeds, we see friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day in many different ways. Most have made their way to local [...]


Introducing my silly boy, Joshue. Bubba's favorite animals are doggies and dinosaurs. Bubba loves running around, kicking things, climbing things, and throwing balls at grandpa's face while he sleeps. Bubba likes cars and loves watching the airplanes go by in the sky. Bubba is great at not following directions, pretending he doesn't understand the word [...]


Introducing the ringleader of the group, Juliana. Nani's favorite animals are elephants and cats. Her favorite colors are red, blue, white, orange, pink... Nani loves to wear dresses, and loves to feel like a princess. Her favorite phrase is "but, why." Every Monday she goes to ballet and tap, where she enjoys seeing her friends [...]


Introducing Baby Madelyn. Maddie's favorite animals are horsies and doggies. She loves imitating animals noises, especially the cow's Mooooo. Maddie loves bath time and playing with her cousins. Her favorite part of the day is sitting down with mama and papa to read her favorite Nursery Rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She's my angel, and [...]

To Our Babies,

You are the reason we are starting this venture. Every morning when we need to leave you and go to work, a little piece of us crumbles inside. When we hear you cry for us as we walk away, trust us, we cry too. We may show our strength when we say we will be [...]